Monday, July 22, 2013

Wargaming Fun at Historicon 2013

I had a great time at Historicon this year.  Minimal shopping but got in a couple of big, good games.

One was a Carnage and Glory game run by John Snead.  Wurtemburger's vs. French or something like that.  Anyway, Mike H. had the left flank, Scott B. had the right and I was the Wurtemburg commander in the center.  We had to make a few "off-board" strategic decisions  before and during the battle to get our reinforcements and react to the attack by the evil French.  It was a close game and I'm going to call it a Wurtemburg victory as we stopped French on all fronts, including the right where the town defense and counter-attacks by General Bishop kept the Frenchies bottled up and unable to put in a coordinated attack.

Mike's left flank standing strong on the dyke and able to fire canister from 12lbr's into the French to collapse their attack.  In this shot from late in the game, the artillery has pulled back to cool off their guns.

My center position around the bridge.  My tired artillerymen are moving their gun to a hill to the rear and taking up a new position.  My battalions are forming square as we lacked cavalry and at right-center you can see the French cavalry starting to cross.  They were unable to break the squares.

On the right, Scott fights essentially a lone battle against the French and received reinforcements in the nick of time to hold the village and keep counterattacks supported.

The second enjoyable game was a big three-table battle of the Crete Invasion of May 1941.
The Fallschirmjager force I commanded landed on the hisorical drop sites in the Prison Valley area and despite good air support suffered the historical defeat.  We made only limited progress taking positions around Pink Hill and Cemetery Hill.  Very good game though.  Jake Strangeway was the GM, troops and terrain for the three boards came from various sources.  I had supplied a Fallschirmjager Regiment and Commonwealth Infantry Brigade.  Game use Command Decision rules and 15mm figures.

 Our initial drop in Prison Valley near an orchard.

The second drop and moving out from the orchard towards Cemetery Hill.

The disastrous drop of the AA battalion further up Prison Valley.  The hill in the left background is Cemetery Hill and our main assault by a para battalion is occurring just out of the pic to the left.

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