Wednesday, July 14, 2010

15mm German Fallschirmjager in the Works

Picked up some Resistant Rooster 15mm Fallschirmjager from Scale Creep Miniatures a few weeks ago.  The picture shows them with the base coat on and a brown wash.  Next I add light shading and camo pattern (Luftwaffe Splinter), then highlight, then matte varnish.

I'll base these for Command Decision and should have some final pictures in a couple weeks.  And I've got a few more bags to go!

I generally have avoided the Resistant Rooster miniatures due to their slightly larger size compared to my Battle Honors and Peter Pig 15mm figures.  But the miniatures are good castings, nothing wrong with their quality and price, and I'll keep them if the fit in ok with my other minis.  Otherwise, they will be sold.  Guess I better make up my mind before I base them.
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