Saturday, July 17, 2010

15mm WWII German Flak Vehicles

It would seem the Germans managed to stick flak weapons on every vehicle bigger than a motorcycle.  Here is a sampling.  The vehicles are from Battlefront except the 2cm SdKfz 10 which is Quality Castings/Battle Honors/Old Glory 15/19th Century Miniatures (whew!).

Thursday, July 15, 2010

15mm Fallschirmjager

Here is a side by side shot of Peter Pig and my recent Resistant Rooster German Paras.  The Roosters are noticeably larger even with the thinner base they are on.  The Paras look ok against a 15mm vehicle, but I don't think I would field the Roosters with my other 15mm collection (largely Battle Honors, Peter Pig, and Old Glory).  I'll sell these painted paras at a flea market some time along with the unpainted bags.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

15mm German Fallschirmjager in the Works

Picked up some Resistant Rooster 15mm Fallschirmjager from Scale Creep Miniatures a few weeks ago.  The picture shows them with the base coat on and a brown wash.  Next I add light shading and camo pattern (Luftwaffe Splinter), then highlight, then matte varnish.

I'll base these for Command Decision and should have some final pictures in a couple weeks.  And I've got a few more bags to go!

I generally have avoided the Resistant Rooster miniatures due to their slightly larger size compared to my Battle Honors and Peter Pig 15mm figures.  But the miniatures are good castings, nothing wrong with their quality and price, and I'll keep them if the fit in ok with my other minis.  Otherwise, they will be sold.  Guess I better make up my mind before I base them.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Historicon 2010 at Valley Forge Conference Center

I had a nice long sleep Monday morning to recover from all the late, late nights at Historicon.  I found Historicon 2010 at the Valley Forge Conference Center (VFCC) to be a very good convention.  No disasters at least on the logistics and admin side.  Whether or not it was a financial success will require a report from the ConOps/HMGS-BoD.  I certainly hope it was a success financially because I would like to see future Cons at the Valley Forge Conference Center.

The con was laid out between the club gaming areas under the Radisson, the seminar rooms in the Scantilon, and the big gaming areas and dealer hall in the main conference center.  Travelling between these locations was a time-wasting chore until I was informed of the "service corridor" (aka "secret tunnel") that was a direct route between the Radisson and conference center areas.  Layout was not an issue after that.

The VFCC needs to do a few things to get used to wargamers as conventioneers.  First, keep the water stations filled until late at night.  Second, make sure their elevators are in good condition to handle the "extra-capacity" that wargamers present to mass-movement.  And third, keep restaurants open Sunday morning.  The VFCC has a largely captive audience and we can fill any and all eating venues that are open.

I didn't have a car at the VFCC and didn't miss it.   Next conference, I'll take more deli meats and cut back on restaurant expenses.  Though I must say the restaurant prices were "hotel-sized" but not anything I hadn't seen before.  The food stands set-up in the gaming areas were also reasonably priced for a hotel convention.

My fellow AoCM'ers and I played lots of Volley and Bayonet and Command Decision, mostly courtesy of Jake Strangeway, a gamemaster extraordinaire. Kevin's "Charm City Convention" game went off well; the Society of Destruction succeeded in the game by opening their convention , "A Gathering of Friends" to compete with the (fictional?) HMGS-GAMA sponsored "Historigins" Convention.  The Charm City Con game was a spoof of the angst and consternation and bumbling surrounding the intended move of Historicon from the pits of the Lancaster Host to the apocalyptic setting of the Baltimore Convention Center, as only a Baltimore denizen could conceive.

Registration saw an increase in the amount of goodies in the "swag bag."  That's good.  Game CD's, plastic miniatures (ECW and WWII), and sample magazines were included.