Monday, November 29, 2010

Narva 1944, A Command Decision Scenario

Ran a Command Decision scenario this weekend at our local game club.  Went pretty well as a first run so I thought I would make the scenario information available to all.

Narva February 1944

The scenario uses information pulled from Wilhelm Tieke's book "Tragedy of the Faithful" and a sprinkling of information from various other websites and reference books.  You have the III SS Panzer Corps holding the Narva River line under some particularly stressful conditions in February 1944.  The Soviets have pushed infantry across the frozen Narva into a small bridgehead at a critical point near the German supply route.  The Germans are at their improvisational best scraping together a counterattack.  Otto Carius of the Tiger Tank fame leads the 502nd Heavy Tiger Battalion, reduced to only a few tanks, as part of the counterattacking force.

In the game we played the Soviets managed to get up the steep slope and also managed to knock out Carius' Tiger before it could do any damage.  Night time was falling as the game ended in a marginal Soviet victory as the bridgehead still existed.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Forest Templates for Wargaming

The last few weeks I've been constructing forest terrain as shown in the "Architect's of War" How-To site.  These are sized for 15mm miniatures using 2 1/2" roofing nails.  Basic process is cutting the the top and bottom templates, spreading caulk on the ground template, securing the nails, adding sand/grit/pebbles and allowing to dry.  Build the canopy template next by hot gluing Woodland Scenics "clumps" to the black foamboard.  Then I lightly spray the clumps with 3M spray adhesive and sprinkle on a little flocking.  Going back to the now dry ground template I paint with dark to light shades of brown followed by dark gray over the "tree trunks" and a light gray drybrush over the rocks and trunks.  Done.