Friday, July 12, 2013

Furlough Friday Hijinx

So today was my first furlough day of the Sequestration brought to us by an inept and very dull Congress.  The Executive Branch doesn't fare much better either.  Bugger 'em all.

Anyway, I managed to paint and base a bunch of minis, did housekeeping chores, and set myself on fire.  Yes, I set myself on fire.  Nothing serious but it was momentarily startling.  It was a combination of wearing an unbuttoned shirt (sexy, I know), cooking pasta, and reaching above the stove for the coffee maker.  And viola! My shirt was on fire.  Once that registered, I hopped around and managed not to knock anything over and was in the process of taking my shirt off (still sexy, no?) when the fire was out.

I think I'll stick to painting miniatures on my future Furlough Fridays.

Not sure if fire drill  or idiot cooking.
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