Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bastle House V

A little more shading and color before shading with tans and greys

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bastle House IV

Bastle house with first shade applied. Nothing too dramatic yet.

Border Reiver Rules!

The rules I'm planning to use for upcoming Border fights are at http://www.wargamesillustrated.net/reader.asp

These are free rules with simple battle set-up and campaign tracking. We should be able to get in two fights in a 5-hour session.

Basically each player in the campaign game will be a Border family and start out with five "heidmen." A Heidman being a senior or trusted or influential member of the family. Each campaign turn, the player will assign his Heidmen to either raiding (name the targeted family), or guard the hearth (stay close to your land), or guard the border (be ready to pursue any reivers). Then all the raids will be fought out involving raiders and those guarding the hearth, and then "hot trods" will be resolved involving any raiders and border guards. Loot is counted, captives ransomed.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Bastle House III

Bastle House primed with raw umber acrylic paint.

Bastle House II

Bastle House "as received."

Bastle House I

Bastle Houses from "Grand Manner" are getting painted up. Bastle houses were unique to the English-Scottish Border. When Reivers were about, the locals would lock their livestock in the ground floor and retire themselves to the first floor. The ground floor was secured by stout doors that would take reivers some time to get through. The first floor also had stout doors and small windows. With a slate, steeply pitched roof, the Bastle House was secure from quick entry and arson and slowed down any Reivers until help could arrive.

Reiver Miniatures

Vendel and Dixon Reivers all ready to go. 18 mounted Reivers, 71 foot Reivers, 10 Infantry, a few civilians. 11 mounted Reivers to be painted along with a dozen or so more foot Reivers.