Monday, March 31, 2014

Battle for Atlanta, Fire and Fury Style

A few of us got together to refight the Battle for Atlanta using Fire and Fury miniature wargaming rules.  Battle finds the Yankees thick in their trench lines facing the (off-table) Confeds in their trench lines.

When suddenly out the trees on the Yankee flank a horde of yellin' rebels appear, a la Chancellorsville.  "Remember Hood's Leg," they are yelling, or something like that.

Yankee rearguards falls back and the Yankee left collapses.  Gen. Blair is pulling Yankees out of the trenches to stop the flanking rebels, but this just entices another corps of rebels to come at the trench line.  It is murder first of the Rebels but then they get through the Yankee line and start their own round of murder.

The Yankees are hard pressed and begin falling back though the Confeds are already in their rear.

A last desperate attempt by the Yankees will be made to secure their line of communication or else it will be a Rebel victory.  We still need to play a few more turns.

Roxanne Patton prepared the terrain using blue foam and dremel router.  Needs so finishing touches and then I suspect it will be convention bound.    Spaghetti dinner courtesy Scott Bishop.  Big bottle of red wine by Roxanne.
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