Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Cornfield at Sharpsburg

Our gaming group is in the middle of playing the fight around the cornfield during the Sharpsburg ACW battle.  Miniatures are 15mm and rules are "Regimental Fire and Fury."

Union advancing through the cornfield from left, Confederates advancing from the right

Big clash at the foot of the hill beyond the cornfield

Confederates are holding but more Union troops arrive to bolster their line

Back and forth close quarters fight continues.  The Rebel regiments are getting thinner.

The worn and spent rebel line along the road collapses and the worn Union regiments occupy their positions.  Rebel still hold the rest of their line.  The mass of troops a the right of the photo are Hood's troops starting their move to relieve the  spent Rebel regiments.  More Union regiments are also moving up.
And that's where we left the battle for the day.

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