Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Playing Around with a New Camera

So my wife the photographer got a new Canon Rebel T2 and I inherited her old Rebel T1.  Still a big jump up for me.  I took first set of photos with the new camera.  Much better I think.  The first photo uses the standard 18-55mm lens and the rest use a 60mm macro lens.  I like that macro lens.  Unfortunately, it was a loaner and I need to buy my own if I want to use it regularly.  Given the large 10+Meg picture sizes, I dropped them all to 640x480 pixels before uploading to this site, so they may lose something on zoom, but in the original photo I can zoom and crop and still have very good resolution.  And it looks like I need to adjust the white balance further on some of the images.

Miniatures are 15mm Battle Honors tanks and Resistant Rooster 15mm (really about 18mm) Fallschirmjager.
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