Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Terrain Items

Just built several barbed wire obstacles (Spanish Rider or Knife Rests or something like that . . . ).    Used Battlefield Accessories barbed wire and bass wood sticks.  Base is plastic sheet with Durham Rock Hard putty mixed with suitably sized gravel.  Wood structure stuck into putty and when it dries it holds the "X" shaped rests.  I wrapped the barbed wire around the lateral beam and glued the beam down.  Painted wire with black gesso and then a rusty shade of brown.

Hay stacks were my other creation.  I'm working with some faux fur for fields (say that real fast several times) and what I shave off the fur can be pressed into a ball, sprayed with varnish, stuck to cardboard and shaped some as the varnish dries.  Cover the cardboard base with your choice of basing materials.  One other tip, I dry brush the fur with a highlighting paint to not only highlight the fur field but also to make it easier to shave or trim.  Otherwise you have the fur sticking everywhere.  Painted, it tends to clump together when cut and that is where I got the idea of making hay stacks.

Battle for Ogledov August 12 1944

Played a Command Decision Test of Battle game recently.  Game went well. The battle was Ogledow Aug 12 1944. This little fight was the debut of the German King Tiger, a Panther on sterioids with faulty mechanics just like the Panther. A battalion of the Royal Tigers left the rail yard in Poland, 11 made it to the battlefield, the rest broken down in transit. A single T34/85 KO'd three of the Tigers and a mix of T34's and JS-2's defeated the remainder. The Germans were attempting to counterattack to reduce the Soviet Sandomierz bridgehead over the Vistula. That was the historical battle.

The battle on Sunday saw the JS-2's playing king of the hill with the Tigers. The Tigers left the road to get within striking distance but started bogging down. The Soviet infantry "battalions," really just a strong company by this time in their summer campaign, were roughly handled by a company of StuGs with grenadiers supporting them . But with the JS-2's holding the central hill, the Germans couldn't break a tough nut.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

JTFM 1/56th Scale (28mm) Vehicles

Just painted up 2 each US Shermans and German halftracks.  Posed in front of some Normandy-style buildings I also just completed.