Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Battle for Ogledov August 12 1944

Played a Command Decision Test of Battle game recently.  Game went well. The battle was Ogledow Aug 12 1944. This little fight was the debut of the German King Tiger, a Panther on sterioids with faulty mechanics just like the Panther. A battalion of the Royal Tigers left the rail yard in Poland, 11 made it to the battlefield, the rest broken down in transit. A single T34/85 KO'd three of the Tigers and a mix of T34's and JS-2's defeated the remainder. The Germans were attempting to counterattack to reduce the Soviet Sandomierz bridgehead over the Vistula. That was the historical battle.

The battle on Sunday saw the JS-2's playing king of the hill with the Tigers. The Tigers left the road to get within striking distance but started bogging down. The Soviet infantry "battalions," really just a strong company by this time in their summer campaign, were roughly handled by a company of StuGs with grenadiers supporting them . But with the JS-2's holding the central hill, the Germans couldn't break a tough nut.
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