Friday, April 9, 2010

The Battle for Minsk, 28 June-3 July. Part III

And here is the Soviet Order of Battle for the forces opposing 5th Panzer Division. Quite an impressive list even with all the artillery left off. I neglected the artillery as most of it was back at Orsha and along the line of march. A minor amount of 76mm and 122mm artillery would be available to the rifle corps in a prepared attack. The SU's, mortars, and rocket artillery will the primary support available to all units. Note also the large amount of stuff attached to 11th Guards Army. This was typically Front level assets but attached to a single army. The Front, 3rd Byelorussian, still had its own full allotment of artillery, tanks, and SU's. In a straight up fight, this of course is more than the Germans could handle but the objective with the scenarios with the 5th Panzer Division is to capture the more fluid fights as the exploitation forces (tank and mech corps, m/c regiments) advanced. If the 5th Panzer holds in place too long, they get hit with a mountain of infantry, tanks, and artillery. If they strike hard and shift positions to strike again, they can halt and wear out the advancing armor.

Soviet Order of Battle

11th Guards Army
--8th Gds Rifle Corps
----5th, 26th, 83rd Gds Rifle Div
--16th Gds Rifle Corps
----1st, 11th, 31st Gds Rifle Div
--36th Gds rifle Corps
----16th, 18th, 84th Gds Rifle Div
--2nd Gds Tank Corps
----4th, 25, 26th Gds Tank Bde [T34/85]
----4th Gds Motor Bde
----401st Gds SU Rgt [SU85]
----1500th SU Rgt [SU76]
----273rd Mortar Rgt [120mm]
----1695th AA Rgt
----28th Gds Mortar Bttn [BM13]
----79th M/C Bttn [w/tank co.]
----51st Sapper Bttn
--120th Sep. Tank Brigade[
--35th Gds Hvy Tank Rgt [IS-II]
--63rd Gds Hvy Tank Rgt [IS-II]
--148th Tank Rgt [T34/76 & T70]
--517th Tank Rgt [Flame and Mine T34]
--345th Gds Hvy SU Rgt [ISU-122]
--348th Gds Hvy SU Rgt [ISU-152]
--1435tg Hvy SU Rgt [SU-85]

5th Guards Tank Army
--3rd Gds Tank Corps
----3rd, 18th, 19th Gds Tank Bde [T34/85]
----2nd Gds Motor Bde
----376th Gds SU Rgt [ISU-122]
----1436th SU Rgt [SU85]
----1496th SU Rgt [SU76]
----266th Mortar Rgt [120mm]
----324th Gds Mortar Bttn [BM13]
----10th Gds M/C Bttn
--29th Tank Corps
----25th, 31st, 32nd Tank Bde [T34/85]
----53rd Motor Rifle Bde
----1223rd SU Rgt [SU76]
----1446th SU Rgt [SU85]
----108th AT Rgt [76mm]
----271st Mortar Rgt [120mm]
----747th AT Rgt [85mm]
----75th M/C Bttn
----409th Gds Mortar Bttn [BM13]
----14th Gds Hvy Tank Rgt [attached IS-II]
--1st Gds M/C Rgt
CAV-MECH Operational Manuever Group [Front Subordination]
3rd Guards Cavalry Corps
--5th, 6th Gds Cavalry Div
--32nd Cav Div
--1814th SU Rgt [SU76]
--144th Gds AT Rgt [76mm]
--3rd Gds AT Bttn [85mm?]
--64th Gds Mortar Bttn [BM13]
--3rd Gds Mortar Rgt [120mm]
3rd Guards Mech Corps
--7th, 8th, 9th Gds Mech Bde [M4A2 Shermans]
--35th Gds Tank Rgt [IS-II]
--1510th SU Rgt [SU76]
--1823rd SU Rgt [SU85]
--743rd AT Rgt [85mm]
--129th Mortar Rgt [120mm]
--334th Gds Mortar Bttn [BM13]
2nd Gds M/C Rgt
271st Motor Bttn [amphibious vehicles]
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