Friday, February 5, 2010

Things to do while it snows

Wow, it's been 3 months since an update.  Things got a bit hectic in my basement lab this winter.  Water service broke under the house and partially flooded the basement.  Luckily the plumbers and restoration folks moved quickly and damage was minimal.  I had to replace padding under the carpet and my Ikea Billy bookcases were damaged from the water.  But as I store everything in plastic bins, nothing in my wargaming stuff or my wife's yarn stash was damaged.  Did have to move it all out to the garage while the basement was restored.  Everything is dried out, no mold, carpet is back down and new bookcases have been installed.  While I had everything moved out, I relocated my painting area.  Several years ago I had made a craft space for my wife in a 12x12 alcove in the basement.  The "Handmade Afghan Project for Our Wounded Soldiers" took over several years ago and she had not been using the space and my eye kept wandering to it.  Being the lovely person she is, she let me move in to her space.   What a gal!

But now it is snowing buckets outside, I'm home from work and will likely be off Monday too.  So I must paint.  Just finished KGL Hussars from AB Miniatures and I think I'll start on British Rifles next.

Got to get back to taking pictures too, now that the basement is back in order.
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