Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Score on The Border

We are currently in our "January 1525" Campaign Turn.

Here's the score from Raids and Hot Trods along the most murderous border . . .

Raid #1: The Bournes sent two Heidman agin The Armstrangs. The Armstrangs were plundered, lauched a Hot Trod and were kicked to the dirt, lost a heidman that was ransomed back. Score: Bournes +95, Armstrangs -91

Raid #2 The Armstrangs sent Sim Armstrang to raid the Bournes. The Bournes rode down the hapless Armstrangs in a very Hot Trod. Score Armstrangs -84, Bournes +95.

Raid #3 The Scotts sent 3 heidman a-raidin upon the Bournes. Score Scotts +97, Bournes -37

The other riding families stayed home near their warm hearths.

So after one month of Border Mayhem, the cumulative scores are:
Bourne: 153
Scott: 97
Patton: 0
Charlton: 0
Hapless Armstrang: -175

Players need to give me their heidman assignments for February 1525
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